St. Anne’s Church

June 2020: AS of the first week of June, 31,181.95 kWh of electricity has been produced earning £ 3,643.(dashboard)

Update 2017: We did it!Thanks to everyone who invested, the hard work of the PUNL crew and the amazing workmanship by Joju Solar, our installation is up and running at St. Anne’s Church. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making our first project a reality! You can find out more by watching this video.


In November 2015 Power Up North London was awarded a grant from the Urban Community Energy Fund to cover feasibility costs for one or more solar projects in North London.

We began speaking to St. Anne’s Church in Highgate who were considering solar panels as part of a refurbishment project taking place at the Church. With the refurbishment the Church hopes to create more space for community activities including the Church’s successful community lunches and a youth project, meaning more daytime use when solar energy can be utilised. Given the potential benefits of solar to the Church and surrounding community we agreed in early 2016 to use some of our funding to explore the feasibility of a 19kW installation on the south facing roof.

As the Church is listed and in a conservation area, a large part of this feasibility work was putting together a planning application which was approved in July.This was largely down to the support of the 106 residents who sent comments in favour of the application – so thank you to everyone who has supported the project!


Project benefits

The installation of 19kW of solar PV on the south facing roof of St. Anne’s will benefit the church and surrounding community while contributing to wider efforts to cut carbon.

  • The panels will generate an estimated 16,465kWh of clean energy a year, which equates to a reduction in carbon emissions of around 8.7t/year.
  • The church will benefit from discounted energy, through a power purchase agreement with Power Up North London.
  • Parishioners and members of the local community will benefit from a small return on their investment, while being given the opportunity to invest for social and environmental benefit
  • Any surplus income will be put into PUNL’s Community Energy Fund, which will be available for further projects in the local area
  • The panels will be a community asset that can be used for educational purposes and to encourage others to explore renewable energy

View from Highgate West Hill 2ST Anne's from Highgate Road (Alice)view from Swains Lane 1