Whittington Park Community Association

LED lighting • Energy efficiency • Completed April 2018


Whittington Park Community Association (WPCA) is a busy community centre in North Islington. They run a daily over 60s lunch club, an early years centre, an after school club, a holiday play scheme and a community cafe. They have over 40,000 visitors each year and improvements to the centre benefit all users of its services.

Funding & delivery

Ann Mason, the WPCA Centre Manager, approached Power Up North London for support with a grant application to the Islington Community Energy Fund (ICEF). WPCA was seeking funding to replace their existing lights with LEDs to reduce electricity consumption and environmental impact. 

PUNL visited WPCA to review the site, gathered data on the existing lights and their usage and using their financial analysis tool calculated the savings and costs of switching to LED lights. PUNL then prepared WPCA’s successful ICEF grant application through which they were awarded the full £5,200 of funding requested.

Benefits & impact

This project replaced all existing lighting in WPCA’s Yerbury Road building with energy saving LED lighting delivering an annual energy saving of 6.4MWh and annual carbon savings of 3.5 tonnes on installation. WPCA should save at least £720 a year on electricity bills.  As LED lights can last for years before they need replacing, WPCA will also benefit from a saving in the time and resources required to replace failed lights, many of which are very hard to access and can take up their caretaker’s time.

Project deliverables

January 2018PUNL had a meeting with Ann Mason, WPCA Centre Manager to discuss the project
January 2018PUNL visited WPCA to gather data & analyse it using their LED model
February 2018PUNL wrote the grant application to Islington’s Community Energy Fund
March 2018WPCA was successful in their grant application
April 2018WPCA replaced all lights with LEDs realising energy, carbon and financial savings