Talacre Community Sports Centre

83kWp solar PV • Completed July 2023


Located in Kentish Town, Talacre Community Sports Centre is adjacent to the green space of Talacre Park which provides an attractive and open aspect to the Sports Centre. The Centre offers a variety of outstanding multi-use outdoor and indoor facilities with a stimulating range of activities for all ages and abilities.   The Centre is owned by Camden Council and is run under contract by Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL).

Funding & delivery

Camden Council gave PUNL a feasibility grant in Q2 2021 and this enabled PUNL to assess the suitability of a selection of sites in the borough for rooftop solar. PUNL’s feasibility work led to two sites being earmarked for solar installation, one of which was the Talacre Community Sports Centre (TCSC). During feasibility, PUNL commissioned a roof survey to assess TCSC’s suitability for the solar panels.  The feasibility study identified the areas of the roof that were not shaded by the building or by neighbouring buildings.   Solar generation analysis showed that the site uses 185 MWh of electricity each year and the proposed 83kWp solar array will generate 68 MWh of which around 90% will be used on site.   The potential use of a battery to store surplus solar generation was evaluated and rejected battery following analysis of the on-site consumption as the batteries would not have a reasonable payback. PUNL also worked with Camden and GLL to develop the legal terms of the licence and power purchase agreement between PUNL, GLL and Camden Council. In 2023, following a successful feasibility study and the signing of the licence and PPA by Camden, GLL and PUNL, a crowd funded share offer was launched to raise £80,000 of funding to purchase the solar panels.  The share offer was very successful and closed within 6 weeks.

Benefits & impact

The installation of solar panels will benefit TCSC through lower consumption of fossil fuel energy, reduced carbon emissions and lower energy bills. We estimate average annual carbon savings of 12 tonnes over the first 20 years.   These savings will contribute to Camden Council’s net zero carbon target for 2030. Under the licence and power purchase agreement PUNL will receive income from the sale of the solar electricity to GLL who will in turn receive discounted renewable electricity. The surpluses, after paying for running costs, will contribute to PUNL’s Community Energy Fund and be used to invest in local fuel poverty projects and other community energy initiatives. This will help to build resilience of the local community in tackling climate change.   Shareholders will receive a target interest rate of 4% and their capital will be repaid over 20 years. With its high footfall from local residents TCSC is an important flag bearer for community renewable energy action and we hope that this installation will inspire many other community buildings in the area to follow suite. This project has created a community asset that can be used to educate the community on the benefits of renewable energy and to start a wider discussion about local ownership of energy generation.