Crossroads Women’s Centre

Solar PV • Site-owned • Completed October 2020


Crossroads Women’s Centre (CWC) brings together women from different ages, backgrounds and communities to share experiences, and learn from and support each other to overcome problems and make their voices heard.  Originally located in a squat near Euston, the charity which runs the Centre fundraised and eventually bought and moved into an old carpenter’s workshop at 25 Wolsey Mews, NW5 2DX which was then redeveloped to suit the Centre’s expanding activities.  Part of the development was the installation of 16x235Wp panels which have since supplied nearly 28MWh (11.5 tonnes CO2) .  At that time the Centre was one of the first community organisations in the borough to have solar panels installed. 

In 2019 CWC wanted to further reduce their environmental impact by enlarging their solar array.  PUNL visited and suggested that the enlarged array should be structured to supply the three electricity phases in the centre, a legacy of the industrial workshop, rather than just one as then installed and which meant two thirds of the circuits were not able to use the solar electricity.

Funding & delivery

CWC successfully applied to Camden Council for Community Investment Levy (CIL) funding.  AAB architects, a local firm, prepared a planning application which was granted in March 2020.    Quotations were obtained from suppliers with the contract being awarded to First-4-Solar.  Part of the selection criteria included the choice of PV panel and its environmental impact.  The installation was completed early October 2020.

Benefits & impact

The enlarged array solar installation, 6.32 kWp, is expected to generate 4.9 MWh/yr, saving 1.1 tonnes CO2 and with an estimated 80% being used on site.  The economics of selling the export is being investigated.

Project deliverables

Planning permissionPermission was obtained in March 2020
EPC certificateN/A
DNOn/a, <3.68kW/phase (16A/phase)
Structural surveyExtension to existing
On-site demand Pre Covid demand averaged 2kW during the week and 1kW at weekends
DisplayA display giving information of generation, carbon saved, etc, is to be installed
Feed-in tariff/PPAN/A
InstallationThe project was installed and commissioned in October 2020.