Community Energy Fund

Power Up North London Community Energy Fund

What is the fund?

The PUNL Community Energy Fund uses surplus funds from the business activity of Power Up North London to encourage and support community action in reducing carbon in our atmosphere. The fund is administered by a committee formed of PUNL shareholders and members of our board of directors. We want to tackle climate change and are excited about this opportunity to take that journey with other organisations based in North London.

“Power Up North London are delighted to launch our Community Energy Fund. It is a great opportunity to work together with local organisations in achieving our aims, and it was crucial to fully involve PUNL members, as well as PUNL directors, in setting the vision and criteria for the fund. We are excited to see what this project, driven by a collaborative community of local residents, can achieve.” 

Ben Pearce, Chair PUNL 

How much is available? 

The fund provided £5,000 in its first year of operation for distribution to community projects.

How much do we award? 

For 2020-21 the maximum grant level was £5,000 and the minimum was £500. 

Funding Priorities and Criteria 

The following criteria was applied when allocating the community fund in the 2021 funding round: 

  • Projects must benefit the community of the boroughs of London north of the river Thames, with priority to Camden, Islington and Haringey. 
  • The project should aim to be completed by the end of June 2022.
  • Carbon PUNL’s vision is that North London becomes carbon neutral. Projects must have clear aims to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. 

In addition to the above mandatory criteria the project must address at least one of the following objectives:  

  • Community we are interested in projects that involve your community in the design and delivery of the activities you’re planning. We will also support action redressing inequalities through action on diversity, equality and inclusion. 
  • Leverage we welcome applications that will use a small amount of funds to seed something bigger.
  • Education we can all make a difference now, which is why the fund will support projects that raise awareness of climate change, its solutions and how to reduce its impact.

The grant programme can support all costs relating to the project or activity/project, including a contribution to core costs (e.g. core staff costs, office costs), project costs (e.g. venue hire, project worker) and capital costs. The fund encourages applications for the funding of innovative ideas, including pilot projects, as well as for the development and growth of existing projects.

Examples of potential projects: 

  • Supporting youth employment into renewables.
  • Practical energy use assessment & advice service in a local area.
  • Feasibility work for larger projects.
  • The installation of energy efficiency measures in a community project or building.
  • Providing energy related information and support to low income or disadvantaged households.
  • Community gardens growing and selling food locally, and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Projects providing energy information/advice/collective action to particular groups, e.g. landlords, students, single mothers, people whose first language is not English.

How to apply

The Community Energy Fund is currently closed for applications. To receive a notification when the fund opens in January 2022 please email


  • The fund is currently closed for applications. 

Monitoring and evaluation

At an appropriate time, after the grant has been paid, we will send you a grant monitoring report form. This form asks for details of how the grant was spent and what was achieved including giving some thought to the likely carbon savings from the project.

How we collect and hold your data

The personal information collected via the application form is processed as a necessary part of administering grant applications to Power Up North London. We may use your personal data to help your organisation apply for grants and to assess its application. If a grant is awarded, we will use your personal data to manage and monitor the grant. We will keep your personal data up to date and store it securely. We will keep your data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes as described, or otherwise allowed by law. 

More information

For more information please email