Caxton House

LED lighting • Site-owned • Completed April 2018


Caxton House (CH) is a community centre based in St John’s Way close to Archway in the borough of Islington.  Its objectives are to tackle poverty, to support children and vulnerable older people through accessible informal learning events and to deliver a portfolio of innovative, highly responsive, community-led projects in order to help the local neighbourhood take ownership of improving community cohesion, and wellbeing.

Funding & delivery

PUNL approached Caxton House about the opportunity to apply for the Islington Community Energy Fund in two areas, LED lighting and fuel efficiency advice to the community.  PUNL worked on the application with Sue Collins and Paul Furze at Caxton House. CH were awarded the full grant of £8,900 and have since replaced their remaining 82 fluorescent lights with more energy efficient LEDs. PUNL also partnered with Thinking Works to organise two well-attended workshops on achieving energy savings in the home.

Benefits & impact

The energy saving from replacing the T5 fluorescent lights with LEDs was projected to be 5.4MWh per year and the related annual carbon dioxide saving c. 3 tonnes on delivery.  In the first quarter since the installation of the LED lights in March 2018 Caxton House registered a 30% reduction in its energy consumption. This will be monitored and reported on in the coming months and years.

The energy efficiency workshops were attended by over 30 local residents and were very well received as the snapshot of feedback shows. They could become a regular feature at Caxton House potentially using the savings generated from the switch to LED lights.

“Well presented at a level that was easy to understand”

“Very helpful in ways to make savings”

“I learnt a lot and will do things differently from now”

Project deliverables

December 2017PUNL had a meeting with Sue Collins, Finance and Office Manager and Paul Furze, Manager at Caxton House (CH) to discuss the project
January 2018PUNL visited CH to gather lighting data & analysed it using their LED financial/carbon savings model
February 2018PUNL wrote the grant application to Islington’s Community Energy Fund
March 2018CH was successful in their grant application
29 March 2018 &
19 April 2018
PUNL partnered with Thinking Works to run two energy efficiency workshops at CH
April 2018CH replaced all lights with LEDs realising energy, carbon and financial savings