Partner with PUNL

Who are we? PUNL are a community business of around 10 local volunteers with experience in finance, policy, engineering, communications and strategy.

 What do we do? We partner with organisations in our community to deliver renewable energy generation and carbon reduction projects. We are currently focusing on two areas – Solar &/or LEDs.



Can we help you? Yes, if:

  • You have a sizeable south facing roof, with no shadow
  • You have medium-high energy consumption
  • You have non-LED lights, particularly if old/inefficent


How do we help?

  1. Arrange a feasibility study: To understand if you could install solar panels and/or LED lights from a technical and financial perspective
  2. Community share offer: We will raise the capital expenditure costs by asking members of the community to invest in the project, in return for financial, environmental and social returns
  3. The benefits to you: 
    1. Financial: save money straight away on your energy bills with no upfront cost
    2. Social/environmental: key partner in a pioneering community energy project
  4. The community benefits: triple-bottom line returns
    1. Financial: a financial return for investors
    2. Environmental: reduced CO2 emissions
    3. Social: bring the community together + support those in need by spending any surplus we make on community projects


Great! Please get in touch with us at and we can book in a meeting to explore a potential project.

Many thanks,

PUNL team


Our future strategy: can you help

Read PUNL’s strategy for scaling up and how you can help them to do so here. Contact us if you would like to get involved in any way.

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