Paradise Park Children’s Centre

April 2020:

A feasibility study has concluded that a solar PV array can be installed and would be beneficial from an environmental, social and financial perspective at Paradise Park Childrens’ Centre.

Last August (2019) PUNL also won an ICEF grant to undertake a feasibility study for solar PV, and to look at energy efficiency measures at the centre, partnering with XCO2 which is a local consultancy practice with expertise in this area. XCO2 submitted a detailed report on measures to reduce energy use and improve thermal comfort at PPCC.

The next step is to apply for a follow-on ICEF grant to procure and install the solar panels and to implement some energy efficiency measures.

Paradise Park Children’s Centre (PPCC) was built by Islington Play Association and Islington Council in 2005. IPA works closely with its partners to create innovative, exciting and fun projects and services designed to ensure that all children get access to high quality play opportunities.  

PUNL applied to the Islington Community Energy Fund for a grant to support feasibility for PV solar and an energy efficiency study in collaboration with XCO2 who are part of the Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership. The application was successful and the PV solar capital grant for the site will be made available if the feasibility study shows that it is viable.

The project is underway and the roof survey results are showing that the site is viable.  Our initial estimate is that the roof spaces can take a total PV array of 20 kWp for PV solar.  The energy efficiency study is providing options for reducing electricity consumption and improving airflow and comfort in the building.  These findings will be used to move the project on to the next phase subject to raising the funding.