Paradise Park Childrens’ Centre

LED lighting• Installed April 2021


Paradise Park Childrens’ Centre is a service that is rooted in the community and vital to a number of local families with children under 5.  Annual footfall in 2019 was 22,700 including children, staff, groups, visitors and clinics. PPCC provides great early education and operates an open-door policy from the building to the garden, ensuring that children can play outdoors in all weathers.  They run dozens of events every year involving participation from parents of nursery children and others living in the area.

The PPCC building, however, tends to suffer from overheating and poor ventilation and supported by an Islington Community Energy Fund grant in 2019, PUNL delivered an energy efficiency study that highlighted the challenges and recommended a package of mitigation measures

Funding & delivery

PUNL helped PPCC to raise a substantial grant from the Islington Community Energy Fund (ICEF) to improve thermal comfort through shading, ventilation and greening.  LED lights are very important for achieving carbon savings, for reducing heat emissions and energy consumption and this work was delivered as a first step.  PUNL secured the electrician, oversaw their work and monitored/reported on the project to the funders.   The total cost of the project was £6,755 funded by the London Community Energy Fund and the Islington Community Energy Fund. 

Benefits & impact

This LED lighting project has delivered environmental, financial and social benefits for PPCC.  The problem of excessive lighting has been addressed by reducing the number of lights installed from 129 to 85 while maintaining a suitable level and quality of lighting throughout.  The new lighting has made it a healthier, more comfortable environment for the children, staff and visitors, with less heat emitted by the lighting.  Projected carbon savings are 5 tonnes a year and electricity consumption has dropped significantly.