Highgate Eco Pop-up and Mini TED Talks

The Highgate Eco Pop-up in the foyer of Lauderdale House. There were posters and flyers on a full range of Eco themes – Electricity, Buildings & Heat, Biodiversity, Transport, Politics, Communities & Councils etc.

Videos of the miniTED talks are available.

BBC Money Box – Community Energy Projects

Our very own Tanuja appeared on this special edition of BBC Radio 4’s Money Box.

In this episode, Adam Shaw and guests consider the costs and practicalities of setting up and running community-led energy projects.

First PUNL Community Energy Fund – a feminist orchard

The first PUNL Community Energy Fund project came to fruition at the beginning of May when pupils from Parliament Hill School planted a “feminist orchard”. Thirty students from Years 7 to 9 helped plant 11 fruit trees in a circle, laid wildflower turf and dug a pond.  The names of the trees will be submitted […]

PUNL awarded London Community Energy Fund grants

PUNL has been awarded several grants from the London Community Energy Fund to enable energy efficiency and carbon savings on two important projects in Islington. The Caxton House project aims to reduce carbon emissions from space and water heating for the community centre by installing an air or ground source heat pump. The heat pump […]


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