Muswell Hill Golf Club Share Offer

Invest in community solar at Muswell Hill Golf Club now!

Power Up North London is a community business that delivers renewable energy and energy saving projects. We have launched our share offer to raise £37,000 for the installation of 29 kWp of solar panels at Muswell Hill Golf Club, Rhodes Avenue, London N22 7UT. 

The offer opened on December 10th and will close on 18 January 2020, or whenever the target is reached, whichever comes first. Please act fast if you would like to buy shares as PUNL’s previous share offer closed within two weeks.  We really want Club members to have ownership of this and we are therefore promoting it only to you for the first two weeks.  Thereafter we will share information about the offer with local residents and with PUNL’s wider pool of investors.

Muswell Hill Golf Club was founded on 1 December 1893 with membership for both men and women, making it one of the oldest ladies’ golf clubs. The Club is a community golf club with a variety of membership options for all ability levels.  We are planning to install 29 kWp of solar panels on the Greenkeeper’s Shed, providing clean energy to the Club over the next 20 years at a discounted price.

The minimum investment is £250 (1) and the maximum investment is £3700.  Investors will receive 2% interest a year and their capital back over a 20-year period.

We invite you to invest in this important project with environmental, social and financial benefits for the Club and the local community: