Elthorne Pride


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Elthorne Pride has been set up to service the 10 year Big Local grant aimed at residents of the neighbourhood.  Steve Scotland from Elthorne Pride approached PUNL for support with preparing a grant application under the Islington Community Energy Fund so that he could initiate environmentally focused projects for the neighbourhood.  We decided to start by focusing on energy efficiency workshops and investigating the feasibility of PV solar in the common hallways and staircases of the neighbourhood.

Elthorne Pride received £2,500 of ICEF grant funding to be matched by their Big Local funding.  The funds will be used to run energy efficiency workshops and to do the initial investigations into the feasibility of PV solar for the Elthorne Pride neighbourhood.

PUNL partnered with Thinking Works to run the workshops.  The first involved an Energy Stall on 3 June as part of the Big International Lunch.  The second event was held on 10th June when a group of Elthorne Pride residents went on an outing to Tiptree Farm in Essex.  Thinking Works held an interactive workshop with the residents on energy savings including, how to read their electricity bill, how to take advantage of lower tariffs by switching and ways to reduce energy use in their homes.

Work on the PV feasibility is still in its early stages and we will post updates as it moves along.


At the Big lunch, PUNL partnered with Thinking Works to provide advice on reducing energy bills, alerting people to support schemes like Shine and addressing specific energy related issues they may have.   

A number of people stopped by for advice and were ably supported by Giles from Thinking Works as well as treated to delicious homemade chocolate cake and cookies.   They were also given complimentary low energy light bulbs to take away and try in their homes.

Case study from Big Lunch

Anne (not real name) was feeling very low. EDF had given her a bill for £3000 stating they hadn’t had a meter reading for three years when she had let EDF badged meter readers in four times over this period. The cause of the high bills was that Anne lives above a garage in a flat that has a flat roof.  Neither the flat nor the roof are insulated so heat disappears far too quickly making the home very expensive to keep warm. Her son suffers from a severe type of asthma and so they need to keep the home warm to keep him in good health.

We explained that Charis administer a grant on behalf of energy suppliers that has a discretionary grant pot of over £11 million to help people in financial hardship. We also gave Anne details of the Islington SHINE service and explained they could help support an application to the council to have insulation installed in her home on health grounds.  This would make a strong case for Charis to wipe the debt as the home should be cheaper to run in future. Anne thanked us when she left saying “I’m really, really glad I can over to your stall – thank you so much”.