Elizabeth House Community Centre


June 2020: A total of 2.33MW has been produced at Elizabeth House, with 594.45 kg  of CO2 Emissions Saved – the equivalent of 27.21 trees planted.

PUNL project managed the installation of a 10.26kWp system at Elizabeth House Community Centre, in Islington at the end of November 2019.

Export has been higher than normal in recent weeks due to the lockdown. 

2019: Elizabeth House is a thriving community centre in the heart of Highbury providing a number of services and activities:

  • Affordable after school childcare services for children age 4 to 13 to support working families
  • A Youth Club for local young people age 11+
  • Health and well-being activities for women and families
  • Affordable space for local community groups, service providers and members of the community to engage on relevant issues.  

Nathalie Renaud, the EH Director, approached Tanuja Pandit at Power Up North London for support with making a grant application under the Islington Community Energy Fund.  

PUNL worked jointly with EH on a grant that would deliver:

A feasibility study to install PV solar panels on the roof of EH to generate clean energy for the Centre and to reduce its energy bills  

  • A needs assessment for running an Energy Café at EH, where Islington residents could come to receive advice on their energy use and support to fight fuel poverty
  • A feasibility study to look at other energy saving options throughout the Centre (e.g. battery storage, LED lighting and heating) to lower its impact on the environment, to reduce running costs and to invest the savings in enhancing community services.


EH was successful in receiving the full grant of £1,750 with PUNL project managing the feasibility study.  The PV feasibility is progressing well and thus far PUNL has commissioned and delivered on the EPC for the building and the structural survey of the roof where the panels will be installed.  We have also obtained quotes from solar installers for PV solar and battery storage, prepared a detailed lighting audit to establish the costs and savings from switching to LED lights and obtained a quote for the installation.

The next step is for EH to apply for capital grants to fund the LED lights and possibly also the PV solar panels.  Another route for funding the solar panels is to do a community share offer. Further updates will be provided on the progress of this project in the coming months.