Dixon Clark Court

Dixon Clark Court (DCC) is a 15-storey block of 60 flats, located near Highbury Corner in Islington and managed by a TMO with Islington Council as the freeholder.

PUNL made a successful application to the Islington Community Energy Fund for a grant to undertake Phases 1 and 2: an energy efficiency study and project management of a PV solar installation on the roof to provide cleaner, green energy for the lifts and communal areas. We will also undertake a technical review of the potential for delivering a private wire solution.
PUNL is partnering with XCO2 for the energy efficiency study that could include such measures as: passive design upgrades, behavioural change, clean energy technology and improvements to thermal comfort.
If the private wire solution is technically viable then PUNL will seek funding for this as part of phase 3.  A private wire solution is one where residents can benefit from the removal of standing charges, can obtain better electricity prices due to one single bulk contract with the TMO and also benefit from allocation of any surplus PV solar electricity to each flat.