Volunteering at PUNL

Volunteers are central to Power Up North London (PUNL) and to the achievement of our vision to make North London boroughs net zero carbon by 2030. Volunteers make our work possible and we aim to ensure that volunteering with us is a positive and fulfilling experience. 

Volunteer stories



“I got in touch with PUNL in May 2019 in response to an advertisement they had put out for a volunteer finance coordinator. I had recently completed a bookkeeping and accounting qualification and was looking for somewhere to use my newfound skills. After a few emails I met with Tanuja and Jo (PUNL Directors) to talk more about the role and was delighted when they confirmed that they would value my help. I absolutely love volunteering at PUNL, it’s so active, we have a passionate and dedicated volunteer team and we really are getting things done, growing and learning. I’m not a renewable energy expert and so initially I was lost as to what was being talked about in the monthly meetings, but slowly it began to make sense. Volunteering should go both ways, to benefit the organisation and to benefit the person that offers their time. For me personally I get the chance to keep up with and practice new skills, to enjoy a welcoming and dynamic culture to the society, and of course to feel that I’m really contributing to our vision of North London becoming net carbon zero”.  


“I volunteered with PUNL from 2017 after coming across their website whilst doing some research to switch to a green energy provider in my home. I decided to attend a PUNL monthly meeting without knowing what to expect and I was immediately taken by the energy and expertise the volunteer group has. There was a lot to learn! I shadowed and supported Tanuja (a PUNL Director) in the implementation of a solar panel project at Caversham Group Practice. This involved many interesting topics across the group, such as application for funding from the London Community Energy Fund, feasibility studies for the project implementation, community engagement events and marketing of the share offer. PUNL is a great group to volunteer with for many reasons; to learn about renewable energy, to grow new skills, to better know the community we live in and make a positive impact to it, and to work alongside a dynamic, diverse, and fun group of people”.