Partner with PUNL

PUNL is a non-profit community organisation that enables local people to develop and own renewable energy projects. Our projects reduce carbon emissions, reduce running costs for site owners, improve wellbeing and benefit the environment while supporting the local economy. We have delivered six solar PV projects and are working on feasibility studies for further solar and renewable heat initiatives.

We work with community organisations including GPs, schools, city farms, churches and more. We believe that the climate emergency is too big a challenge for any one organisation to solve on its own.   By joining forces with organisations that share our enthusiasm for collective action and our social purpose we know that we can be more effective in finding solutions to address this challenge.

Contact us if you would like to partner in the following ways:

  • Partnership on new projects – if you own or lease a building that could be suitable for solar panels, renewable heat, EV charging, battery storage, or energy efficiency, then we could help you to mobilise community finance and bring a project to life.
  • Technical assistance – to examine opportunities for innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions.  We have partnered with organisations like XCO2, Joju Solar and University College London to deliver projects (add hyperlinks).
  • Collaborate – on a large-scale low carbon project that requires multiple community organisations to work together to design the solution, engage stakeholders and deliver the outcomes.