Caxton House – Phase 2

Retrofit project involving installation of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Installation underway June 2023


Parts of CHCC suffered from being quite stuffy and potentially over-heating in the summer. Following the Covid pandemic there was a renewed focus on improving ventilation both to improve air quality in the building and so that users would not keep windows open in winter in order to ventilate their office spaces. The mechanical ventilation solution was proposed to improve air quality and energy savings. We also wanted to improve heating controls in CHCC to enable temperatures to be better regulated across the building.

Funding & delivery

PUNL obtained a capital grant from LCEF5 for the installation of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and a building management system. Subsequent work indicated that these systems would cost a lot more than originally planned and a decision was made to prioritise the MVHR system to ensure good air flow and air quality in the building. The building management system would be looked at subsequently.

PUNL applied for further capital grants towards the MVHR systems to both the Islington Community Energy Fund 6 and the London Community Energy Fund 6 and was awarded the funds in both cases.

Benefits & impact

The MVHR systems that will serve parts of the first and ground floors have now been installed. Further units will be installed to serve the first and second floor soon after. The MVHR systems when fully installed and operational are estimated to save 2.5tonnes of carbon a year. They will also help to improve ventilation and air quality improving health and wellbeing in the building.