Highgate Eco Pop-up and Mini TED Talks

At the Highgate Eco Pop-up in the foyer of Lauderdale House there were posters and flyers on a full range of Eco themes – Electricity, Buildings & Heat, Biodiversity, Transport, Politics, Communities & Councils etc.

Click here for videos of the miniTED Talks and other details.

The event was sponsored by the Transition Networks Bounce Forward Programme with the National Lottery and by Transition Highgate. Highgate straddles both Camden and Haringey, so materials relevant to both areas was displayed.

The Electricity "board"
The Electricity “board”

BBC Money Box – Community Energy Projects

Our very own Tanuja appeared on this special edition of BBC Radio 4’s Money Box

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Tanuja starts at 06:44.

Released On: 30 Jun 2021 – Available for over a year

Would you like to generate your electricity through a local, renewable energy project rather than buying it from a big supplier?

In this episode, Adam Shaw and guests consider the costs and practicalities of setting up and running community-led energy projects, do such initiatives make financial and environmental sense? Joining Adam are:

Jodie Giles, head of community and local energy at Regen
Tanuja Pandit, director of Power Up North London
Steve Shaw, the director of Power for People