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Our origin story: St. Anne’s Church, Highgate

Power Up North London (PUNL) delivers a range of community energy projects, with a particular focus on solar PV. We do this by identifying the opportunity, raising grant funding for the feasibility work, project managing this phase, and if the project is viable, delivering all stages through to installation. We also do lighting audits of community buildings and apply for grants to help these organisations switch over to lower energy LED lighting. We work with partners to deliver fuel poverty workshops and have also advised a housing complex on a private wire solution for sharing the benefits of solar PV between all tenants.

PUNL’s vision is that Camden and Islington become zero carbon boroughs, driven in part by a resilient, independent and collaborative community of local residents harnessing clean energy.

PUNL is reliant on a small number of regular experienced volunteers to deliver its work. These volunteers bring skills in strategy and business management, financial planning and analysis, engineering, marketing, policy and communications. As we bring on more projects we plan to adapt our structure and activities to take on some full-time staff and will work to provide easy entry points for volunteers to get involved, for instance,  through our quarterly community meetings.

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Power Up North London (PUNL) is a fantastic, independent grass roots organisation in Camden, which is pioneering a new model for combatting climate change by empowering local residents to play a part in reducing carbon emissions and developing strong community resilience.”

Sir Keir Starmer QC, MP for Holborn & St Pancras

Contact us at info@powerupnorthlondon.org with questions, comments or to say hello!

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