About PUNL

Power Up North London is a joint project between Transition Dartmouth Park, Transition Tufnell Park and Transition Kentish Town. The Transition Towns movement in the UK aims to make communities stronger, greener and more self-reliant.

Following in the steps of community groups in Brixton and Hackney, we formed in 2014 with the aim of generating locally owned renewable energy and using the profits to benefit our community.

To date we have made significant progress in that we are now an incorporated Community Benefit Society able to raise community share offer; we have been awarded a £20,000 feasibility grant from the Urban Community Energy Fund, and we have a committed core team of people with skills in finance, renewables, project management, communications, investment and more putting their time and energy into making the project happen. We are looking at several potential sites for our first community share offer which we are hoping to launch in 2016. Contact us below with questions, comments or to say hello!


Please use the following links to access our Society rules and directors liability insurance. Most recent annual accounts will be available after they are confirmed.

PUNL Accounts 2017

Power Up North London registration confirmation and company rules



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