PUNL’s work outlined in Camden New Journal

In a profile on PUNL on page 13 of the Camden New Journal, chair Jo Macrae was interviewed.

Dr Jo Macrae

It describes PUNLs work – installing solar panels using funds from community share offers; and work with other groups to help with interventions to reduce energy use. And mentions projects ranging from St Anne’s Church Highgate, Caversham Group Practice to Crossroad Women’s Centre and Muswell Hill Golf Club.

Another project covered is energy efficiency in schools and using low-cost measures. “We can save around 15% of energy use by some very doable changes to behaviour. Do that top every school in London, and it adds up.”

Jo says PUNL is after the mid-range sites – between micro sites on individual roofs and big installations which need capital. She said it was important to mobilise community support.

She said: “The hard bits, transport, retrofitting, houses and food – each of these things will require radical changes in our behaviour. PUNL is a way of beginning these conversations. We want to help people start their journey to becoming carbon neutral.”

See page 13 of the CNJ: