Hampstead School solar shares three quarters sold, Muswell Hill offer closed

The PUNL share offer for Muswell Hill Golf Club has sold out. The offer for Hampstead School is nearly three quarters sold.

PUNL has to raise £46,000 by 31 January to deliver the school installation by the end of March and local people can invest anything between £250 and £4,500 in a green, ethical investment, with a projected 2% return.

Don’t miss out and follow through on New Year green resolution(s) and take an active stake in the ownership and management of locally produced renewable energy by investing now.  

It is a ‘winners all round’ project, as the school gets cheaper, greener energy; investors see a return on their ethical investment and the project will save 230 tonnes of carbon over the first 20 years.

Camden Council sees this as an important project in terms of turning their climate emergency declaration into action and partner with different organisations. Hampstead School has not only stressed this project will save them money on energy bills but also educate pupils on the environment and renewables. For PUNL, it will help lead the way to more solar school projects – and any surplus generated will go towards other local community energy projects.