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Autumn newsletter

100 tonnes of carbon savings over the next three years

We are aiming to raise c. £80,000 of core funding over the next two years, to help achieve this as quickly and effectively as possible.

Why donate?
The funds will allow us to pay for feasibility studies, and also to invest in staff to help develop new projects.

The upfront investment would enable us to unlock a further £300,000 in investments and – more importantly – reach our carbon reduction target.

What next?
Please donate any amount to help us achieve our goals and contribute to combating climate change.

Do e-mail us at if you have any questions.

Call for volunteers with engineering, marketing and social media skills

The declaration of a climate emergency means that our work is gaining growing attention and support which is great, but we are looking for more volunteers to help us.

Power Up North London is also launching two major new share offers soon and will need your help.

We are particularly keen to hear from engineers with experience of project management – particularly the renewables sector. Also, anyone with marking experience would be welcome to the fold and social media skills would be a bonus.

Please contact PUNL: if you can help.

Solar for schools

Wouldn’t it be great if most schools in Camden and Islington were able to generate solar energy?  

Not only would schools benefit from cheaper, cleaner electricity, but the installations and accompanying display panels they would also provide a ‘teaching moment’ for pupils, parents and the wider community.  Science lessons could centre on the physics of panels; geography on the contribution of the energy transition to reversing climate breakdown; maths on the costs and benefits of scaling home grown energy and politics and economics of government subsidies for fossil fuels versus clean energy!!!

We are in advanced discussions with Camden Council to make this idea a reality on at least two schools in the borough.  This would be our largest project to date – installing up to a total of !50 Kw generating capacity.  We estimate that at least 80% of the electricity will be used by the schools, with the remainder exported to the grid.

The project will make good financial sense for PUNL and for shareholders.  By bundling the scheme into one agreement, we are able to keep our legal costs down, and because these are larger installations and the schools themselves are large users we are able to realise some economies of scale.

It will be our largest share offer yet – we will need to raise between  £70,000-£100,000.  So we will need your help getting the word out there!  The share offer should be launched in December, so what about buying friends and family members a really novel, climate friendly present – shares in community energy?

To find out more: email Power Up North London and we will get in touch when the offer goes live. 

Caversham Practice update

PUNL completed the installation of the 30kWp PV solar array at The Caversham Group Practice mid-March 2019  We are delighted that the site has already generated an estimated 20,730 kWh in it’s first six months, displacing 7.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide and saving the practice £312 in electricity costs.  It has been great to work together with The Caversham Group practice on this positive initiative.

For project updates, please use the dropdown menus under Projects.   


Following one of the recommendations from the Citizens Assembly: “to mobilise community”,  Transition Kentish Town along with other community groups are working with Camden Council to co-design a pop up community space which is opening next week in Kentish Town. 

Based in the old Flapjacks cafe, Think&Do will be a community space for Climate and Eco Action. Open for 6 weeks every Thursday-Saturday, midday to 8pm from the beginning of November, it is a space for the community to come together to co-create ideas to address the Climate and Ecological Emergency in Camden.

Power Up North London is giving a talk on renewable energy from 6pm-8pm on 8 November.

Think&Do will be hosting “Imagination workshops, energy forums, ideas for greening up, share and repair, transport and pollution campaigning, fashion up-cycling, film-screening, a school wall, mapping workshops, and Saturday surplus suppers cooked with Vegbox”:

There will even be an energy bike to power a string of solar lights! Come and burn up some calories.

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