PUNL February Newsletter 2018

PUNL waits on London Community Energy grants

At time of writing, Power Up North London has submitted bids to undertake feasibility studies on several buildings in the area and awaiting decisions.

The London Community Energy Fund 2017/18 offers grants of up to £15,000 to support the development stages of community solar projects (including storage technologies), so that projects are investor ready.

PUNL is looking at solar projects at the Caversham Health Centre, where some Transition Kentish Town projects are already underway, the LUX Centre at Waterlow Park, and Kentish Town City Farm.

PUNL partners with Islington Council Community Energy Fund

The Community Energy Fund grants targets small organisations with charitable aims based and working in the borough of Islington. Applications are welcomed and actively encourage not only from energy and environmental group, but also from community groups looking to carry out an energy related project.

The Islington Community Energy Fund is open to all constituted groups with charitable aims within Islington who would like to carry out an energy related project. The grant programme will prioritise those working in partnership with groups that are most likely to be affected by Fuel Poverty.

PUNL has inspected several buildings in Islington and working out solar potential prior to application.
Camden Climate Fund closes in under a month

The Camden Climate Fund (CCF) provides grants of up to 50% of costs to install renewable energy systems and make energy efficiency improvements to homes, businesses and community spaces. This includes solar photovoltaic panels (to provide electricity), solar thermal systems (to provide hot water), boiler replacement and insulation.

The CCF is financed by Camden’s carbon offset payments, which are collected through the planning system when developments in Camden fall short of the Mayor of London’s carbon targets.

The CCF provides grants of up to £7,500 to support households and landlords install a range of renewable and energy efficiency measures to help reduce bills, improve energy efficiency and cut associated carbon emissions. You can apply for one or both grants for your property.

The current deadline for applications is 28 February.

Pure Leapfrog developing monitoring and evaluation tool

Pure Leapfrog is working on a monitoring and evaluation tool which aims to accurately monitor benefits of community energy projects to the community.

Last year, Pure Leapfrog, in conjunction with SELCE, CEE and BSC produced a report and last month PL held a workshop with community groups including PUNL to develop a tool where representatives from 25 community energy organisations looked at financial, social and environmental parameters.

The main gap that exists in M&E tools currently is capturing the social impact of projects and; any M&E tool developed needs to be easy to use, limited to key metrics, collect quantitative and qualitative information, and be standardised across the movement.

Outcomes for monitoring and evaluation include, avoidance of CO2 emissions,
community cohesion, creation of a community fund, financial benefits and return value for local community and protecting and increasing biodiversity.

PUNL reps speak at Energy Cafe event

PUNL directors Ben Pearce and Ian Grant, along with Joju’s Jon Cowdrill and en10ergy’s Sydney Charles spoke at an Energy Cafe event at the Vine, earlier this month, organised by Transition Highgate.

Subjects ranged from the Paris Agreement, to what technologies can be applied in the home and what renters can do to save energy and money.

Following a showing of the energy chapter of the film, Demain, and subsequent talks, the audience divided into four groups and discussed issues and actions which could be undertaken to improve energy efficiency and increase the uptake of clean energy. A summary of the discussions is being produced.

St. Anne’s project saves 9.2t CO2 in first year

At St Anne’s, in our first year (01-Oct-16 to 30-Sep-17) since installing the panels, the total generated was 16.97 MWh saving 9.2t of CO2.
Including the generation from October to date, the panels have produced 19,001 kWh.

PUNL AGM is on 18 June at the Lux Centre

The PUNL AGM is scheduled for 18 June at the LUX Centre, Waterlow Park, Dartmouth Park Hill, Highgate, N19 5JF, followed by social drinks.

The 2017 AGM was held in January; the reason for the change to June is that PUNL’s financial year ends in December and time is needed to prepare the accounts for the AGM. Therefore the AGM will always be held in June going forward.

Full details including the agenda,  venue and timings will be shared in due course; please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime: powerupnorthlondon@gmail.com

Volunteers welcome for PUNL and energy projects

PUNL welcomes support for forthcoming energy projects.

General administration and social media skills particularly welcome. If you are interested please email: powerupnorthlondon@gmail.com