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Announcement of AGM

Our first AGM will be held on Monday 23 January 2017 at Holly Lodge Community Centre,30 Makepeace Ave, Highgate, London N6 6HL.

All welcome, and we will be heading to The Star pub on Chester Road afterwards for a drink.


  1. Welcome/Apologies
  2. Report from the Chair
  3. Vote on the Resolutions contained in the Notice of AGM
    1. Appointment of Chair (Incumbent- Nikki Brain)
    2. Appointment of Secretary (Incumbent- Ben Pearce)
    3. Appointment of Treasurer (Incumbent- Adam Spence)
    4. Appointment of other Directors (Incumbent- Ian Grant)
  4. Any other business
  5. Adjournment

Appointment of Directors

The positions of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Director are open to all to stand for. In the event of there being multiple candidates, appointment will be put to a majority vote.Role descriptions are as follows:






The Core Group

The Core Group is the lifeblood of PUNL and actively volunteer time in a range of areas from project management to communications to community engagement. Our Core Group is the reason we were able to deliver our first successful project in 2016. Whatever your strengths, we need help to take on new projects and scale up in the coming year. All that is needed is an enthusiasm for community energy!

However we would be especially grateful to hear from people with experience or an interest in:


Please contact with any questions and we hope to see you on the 23rd January.

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